Friday, April 27, 2012 Review has an interesting way to earn money... you download their app on your phone and watch videos or check in places to earn cash.

I first made $1.80 and that is for fooling around with it throughout the day.

Then, I happened to remember to check in while I was at Walmart. There were a few products I could scan and get paid. So I tried it out and it was not bad! I made a couple more dollars.

I should mention that the cha-ching noise it makes when you make money does NOT shut off with your phone silencer, so you will be broadcasting this noise in Walmart.

Anyway, the coolest thing happened, next. I saw a product that I could scan for $50.00! My hands started to sweat a little and my heart beat a little faster. Sure enough, I added $50.00 to my account once I scanned a little Mio bottle.

At $55 and change, I was told I hit the weekly earning limit.
You can increase your earn limit by sharing and inviting on facebook. I don't usually like to litter my friends feeds with this kind of stuff, so right now, I'm not going to do this. Maybe someday I will make a Mommy on the Money fan page on facebook and then I can post and hassle everyone with invites of all sorts :)

Also, you MUST get their debit card to spend the money, and they charge you to activate it. There is a schedule of fees, depending on how you use it, so I am still a little skeptical.

Soooo... I am going to see how this debit card works when I get it, see if I can do this again next week, and I will update this blog with the information.

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