Friday, October 5, 2012

Make your credit card debt Disappear


If you are juggling a bunch of credit card balances and are ready to pay it all off, here's how to get started.

You want to make sure you are paying the least amount to finance your debt, regardless of the interest rate.

FIRST - Look at all the finance charges on your credit card accounts.

Start paying off the card that you are paying the MOST monthly for in finance charges in larger payments, and pay the minimum on the rest of the cards.

When you have enough extra money to pay off that card, completely, do it.

THEN take yourself to dinner to celebrate. Seriously, it's time to reward yourself when you eliminate a debt. Just make sure to charge it to another card and use a coupon!

NEXT - You can switch to paying larger payments (that include the amount you were paying on the other card!) to the next card that is costing you the most in finance charges. Pay it off, take yourself out for some cocktails and dinner and so on and so forth until you are OUT. of. DEBT.

One by one, watch the debt disappear!

Oh and think you shouldn't use your credit cards while you are doing this? Think again! Use your REWARDS or CASH BACK cards to make your basic purchases, watch your spending, and make money from rewards or cash back while you buy your necessities with your credit cards. You can make thousands of dollars a year using rewards credit cards.

Oh, and ready my tips on How to Save Money and Spend Less!

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