Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10 Ways to Make Extra Cash Right Now

If you are like me, you have moved on from the holiday madness and back to paying the bills. One word sums up our holiday spending: Overboard!

Here are 10 websites where you can make money using your unique skills, photos, thoughts, even just your car and cell phone or your computer. It may not be a lot, but every cent counts right now!

Writings Sites that Pay
Writing sites take a little longer to put cash in your pocket, they are easy and fun for anyone who wants to share thoughts, info, photos, crafts or recipes and if you do good work, they pay! - If you enjoy writing, try your hand at writing articles on this sight and make a little cash on the side. You share in their ad revenue if your article is popular and sales you make on eBay and Amazon get credited to your account. - I like the social aspect of this site a lot. I see people who write a lot on this site who are very social and make some extra cash with their writing.

Fast Cash and an iPhone
For FAST cash the next "job" you will need an iPhone and a car... - (iPhone app) - go to stores in your area to take pictures and answer questions for anywhere from $3 to $25. Take jobs that are the same in multiple locations and cash in.

These are good when you walk into stores: - (iPhone App) Start with 50 Free points if you use my link.You collect points by walking into stores like Macys and Target and clicking on pics with stars from anywhere. Points buy you Target gift cards. If you are out and about, a lot, you can make a few bucks in Target cards, easily. - (iPhone App) The reason I add this app is because they paid me $50 while I was in Walmart, a while back! Make a few bucks here and there while you are in places you already shop.

Searching for Cash? - I wrote a whole article just on that site, that will get you the most points and get those $5 Amazon gift cards rolling in 2 to 5 times/month. ($25 is the max.) Again, this is a site that you will probably have to put a little more time into to get the max, but if you use a lot of national brand coupons, print through their site because they get you 10 points per coupon used. Points can really add up this way with minimal effort.

Survey Sites
There are so many survey sites out there. I really hate most of them, but these two are my favorite! - If you have the patience to get kicked out of one after another survey, this is a good one, because they pay cash and have an instant win game. I got an amazing cloth diaper trial through them, which really added to my stash! - Surveys accumulate points. Make about $30/yr or so, but surveys are interesting and entertaining, placing this site in my Top 10.

Photo Sites
Photo sites are great for aspiring photographers and graphic designers. - If you take a lot of nice pictures, or do artwork, graphic art or 3D design you can submit them to this site. If they sell, you get a commission. I haven't made the big bucks on this site, but I have a small portfolio with pieces that sell on occasion. - Another photo/graphic/art site where you can submit and sell your work. Like BigStock, they are choosy about the artwork they approve, but if it's something you are good at, you may find your niche, there.


  1. thanks for the list! I've tried some of these and had pretty good success with them!

  2. Thanks for the ideas :) It can be hard to separate the legit from the scams...

  3. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  4. Great ideas, I might have to give couple of them a try.

  5. I need cash now so I am glad that you have given me some great advise. I am going to each one and see how much I can make! Give me the Money!


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