Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Moneysaver - Rags instead of Sponges for LIFE

Throw out your last sponge and save a TON on buying new ones when you use an infinitely reusable washcloth.

Just recently, I started looking into an alternative to sponges for washing dishes and cleaning up my kitchen. At first, I wanted to buy a year supply of sponges in Costco, and they DID have a really good deal on sponges. As I held this giant pack of sponges in both hands, I realized that each and every sponge, no matter how many times I nuked it in my microwave, or blasted it in my dishwasher, would eventually be thrown away.

Speaking of nuking and dish washing the sponge, I started to think about how many days/weeks go by and this sponge ISN'T washed. Instead, it just sits there festering in its own muck. Don't worry, I ran a little hot water and put a little soap on the sponge the next day before I wiped down my dishes... um eew. Starting to sound a little gross, isn't it?!

Then, it dawned on me. I could used something I already had lying around and used constantly... my kitchen rags! I bought a 16 pack of washcloth size and texture kitchen cloths in Walmart for $4 and I use them instead of paper towels. 

Did you know these washcloths can also be used to clean dishes? At $.25 each, these are much cheaper than sponges and will last just as long, if not longer!

I use my cloths for wiping the counters, the baby, the dishes, the sink, the spills on the floor and much, much more. I keep a glass vase on my counter where I collect the dirty ones. I toss them in the wash each night with my other dirty laundry and they are ready again for the next day! 

Goodbye, gunky sponge. I may miss your scouring power, but you food juice will no longer be licking my spoons.

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