Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still time to get $25 thru an Ebates referral

I made $25 for my referral! 

Ok, it was my mom, but she legitimately signed up and used for the first time on a Target Daily Deal and I got the $25 added to my account.

You just need to Sign Up to get started.

I always use Ebates and have gotten a ton of money back while buying furniture, decorations, clothing, toys... the usual shopping.

If you are already signed up for, now is the time to find your referral link and send it to your mom or your best friend so when they buy something and you will pocket $25, too!

The first referral who makes a purchase gets you $25, $50 for 5 referrals, $375 for 25, $1500 for 100 and $11,000 for 600 referrals! Hahaha how big is your family?? 

Promo ends 12/31/2012

Maybe you've seen the logo or the commercials, with the people making money from shopping... if you haven't signed up yet, and you do a lot of shopping at major retailers online, you totally should! Once you are signed into the website, you can find your store and see how much cash back you will save from your purchase.

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