Friday, January 18, 2013

Get $5 Cash Back on ANY Brand of Diapers and $2 on TP

Get 10% cash back on ANY diaper purchase up to $4.00 and $2.00 on ANY Toilet paper purchase with your iPhone or Android phone. Get the money in a few hours or so.
You can also upgrade the offer to get 50% cash back on diapers by sharing with your FB friends. This will get you $4.00 for buying the smallest pack of diapers!
First, Go HERE to download the Endorse App. (Use my link pleeeeease, even if you have to reopen this on your phone or tablet. Seriously, I get $1 for every referral and I can really use the dough!)

Then make the diaper or TP purchase and SAVE YOUR RECEIPT.

You must photograph your receipt with the app and they will send you cash within hours.

ends 1/23/2013

They send you the cash within a few hours with Paypal.

Plus, there are other groceries which you can get cash back on and you earn points with every purchase. The points can be used to donate to local school projects. Very cool!

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