Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Bunny Veggie Platter

We went to a cute little Easter party today for the toddlers. I crafted a Veggie Easter bunny tray.

I've done a few of these and this one is the easiest! If you are looking for a cute Easter bunny veggie platter check out this post to see how we crafted this little cutie!

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How to make the Easter Bunny Veggie Platter

small piece of styrofoam
- veggie tray (I prefer a plastic)
- hot glue gun/glue
- toothpicks

Fresh Ingredients:
- 3-4 Cauliflower
- 1-2 bunches kale or lettuce
- 1 cucumber
- black olives or blueberries for eyes and nose
- variety of fresh veggies to cut up and serve

As usual, I start with a small piece of styrofoam which is cut and hot glued into the center of my plastic platter.

Mine is slightly different but I found  these plastic veggie trays which would work:

I got a white plastic veggie and dip tray, along with some styrofoam which I hot glued in the center.

Then, I took a head of cauliflower and attached it to the center with round toothpicks.

Next, I formed a head with larger florets. You will probably have to play around with them a little bit and pin them together with your toothpicks.

2 cucumber quarters become the ears also pinned with 3 toothpicks each and don't forget a cauliflower floret for the tail!

Make a bed of Kale around the bunny...

Then scatter some fresh veggies in Easter colors throughout the base. I was lucky to find the yellow and purple cauliflower but use carrots, cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes, peppers... whatever you like!

Enjoy your veggie Easter Bunny!!! 

What a cute and healthy treat!

Want more? I have other Cute Veggie Platters


  1. This is such a cute idea! I'm going to keep this in mind next Easter to make for a get together!

  2. So cute! Pinned and sent the little cauliflower hopping through the Pinterest forrest. haaha

  3. This is so clever and perfect for Easter! I've made a bunny bread before but I just might try your idea this year! Pinning for sure!

    1. Thanks! I need to try bunny bread, too! I'm just starting with handmade bread, but I really like it.

  4. Found you through The SITS Girls link up today and I'm so glad. This will be perfect for me to make this Easter when I host dinner. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a great center piece for Easter dinner! The kids will love the raw veggies and I will love that they are eating vegetables instead of chocolate!

  6. What a cute idea. I like all of the pictures you provided. They really provide step-by-step direction on how to create your beautiful Easter masterpiece!

  7. Oh my goodness! This is just too cute! Thanks for the detailed instruction and pictures.

  8. this is the cutest Easter related stuff I have seen!

  9. How adorable is that?? You are awesome, I'll have to try this out, the kids would LOVE it!

  10. Super cute idea! I wonder if this would make my daughter want to eat her veggies :-)

  11. Im making this right now for Easter!!Thank you,its so cute!!

  12. This is adorable and looks doable too!

  13. this is too cute I want to make this for easter

  14. This is to darn cute !! I don't think that I could do this even with your instructions. My talent doesn't go that way. Wish it did !!

  15. thats cute and delcious at the same time

  16. I love this. I'm going to try it for Easter. I'm hoping my picky grandchildren will love it!

  17. This is absolutely adorable. I have pinned it and will be sharing with my daughter and nieces who love to do things like this for our get-togethers.

  18. How cute! I'm sure mine would look ridiculous if I tried it though! ha

  19. OMG That is AMAZING! Im afraid if I try it will be a PINTEREST FAIL but I can't wait to try it anyway!

  20. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! My grand kids love veggies but this would make them even more appealing!


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