Friday, March 22, 2013

LEGOLAND Florida for a Vegetarian

Just got back from Florida with my toddler and thought I'd recount every place us vegetarians ate there in the 3 days that we visited while my husband worked there. We did not go hungry and we were able to eat pretty healthy while we were there. I also brought along lots of organic fruit and veggie pouches to make sure the little guy had healthy snacks.

Here is every place that has Vegetarian offerings at LEGOLAND Florida:
The Market Restaurant has a lot of vegetarian offerings for the entire family.
Pizza & Pasta Buffet has a salad bar, cheese and veggie pizzas and vegetarian pasta.

Salad bar at Pizza & Pasta

I-Zone Panini - has a mozzeralla, tomato, basil and balsamic panini and you don't have to buy the meal (ask and they will give you the price without the chips and drink)
Granny's Apple Fries - A treat that is unique to LEGOLAND parks in the US.
Sunny's Ice Cream Shop - Cones and scoops
Fun Town Slushies
Waffle Spears - a delicious sweet treat
Lakeside Sandwich Company - Pre-packaged salads, Smuckers Un-Crustables, Fruit cups and apple bags, Hummus and Mediterranean Salad wrap

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