Sunday, March 24, 2013

Money Saving Tip of the Day - Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers can save money, especially if you use them on more than one kid.

I just read this excellent article on Low Cost and No Cost Diapering Options with lots of how-to.

If you are a little crafty you can make cloth diapers out of used clothing, blankets and fabric. There are even no sew methods! I personally like the gDiapers, although they are a little pricey, I buy them in bulk or on sale.

They 6 pack is usually marked down and ships free on Amazon:

What makes them pricier than most is that you have to size up several times in your diapering career, as opposed to other one size type diapers. One size diapers will save you a lot more! I have some of those and I just prefer him not to poop in them.

Either way, regardless of which of the many types of cloth diapers you choose, you can save serious cash and the earth, too. Bonus!

Read More and see my Money Saving Cloth Diaper Calculations:

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