Thursday, April 25, 2013

Best Spill-proof Sippy Cup for Smoothies

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I thought I'd post this because I have been looking for a glass or metal sippy smoothie cup for toddlers and could not find one. (If you know of one that you like, please comment below!)

I decided to purchase another one of the plastic smoothie cups I've been using for my son's smoothies and could not believe all the negative reviews on Amazon. This could cause consumers to overlook possible the best sippy smoothie cup on the market!

I've been using this sippy cup for months for my toddler and I love it. So many people said it was leaky on Amazon and yes, if your toddler drinks from this cup, some gets stuck in the straw and that drop will leak out, especially if he throws this cup on the floor. However, that is where the leaking stops. A smoothie will not come pouring out of the straw. I have wood and tile floors so it is not THAT big of a deal. I wish this wouldn't happen, but other sippy cups I have tried are impossible to drink a smoothie from.

This cup offers a leak-proof top and straw that is perfect for toddler smoothies. My son is able to suck the somewhat thick smoothie through the straw and drinks it down almost all the way to the bottom. I make at least one smoothie every single day, for my toddler, and we love this cup. I also put the entire thing in the dishwasher. I even wedge the straws into my little dishwasher cage and they come out clean, making it very easy for us to continue our clean and healthy lifestyle.

* UPDATE - We have the latest and BEST Sippy Cup for Smoothies we've been using here!


  1. Looks like my son's fave sippy, but with a straw instead of a spout. Do strawberry seeds get caught in the straw/spill proof valve?

    1. I think it's possible that they get caught, but the flow still worked. It was the little bit that sat in the straw after sipping that would get on his table, floor and furniture before he stopped drooping it everywhere. It still was worth it to get him to consume his smoothies :)

  2. Love that you can put the whole thing in dishwasher, makes it easier for me.


Thanks for the comment!

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