Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY Front Yard - More Ground Covered

I finally laid down more landscape/weed barrier and some pebbles in our front yard. It is really starting to look nice. My husband is still in some pain from his shoulder injury so we haven't filled in much of the path with pebbles, yet. Those flagstones are a little heavy for me, so I'm waiting for hubby to get back in the game, and in the meantime, I'm working around it.

This week I did a little spending, too. I actually won a $90 Home Depot gift card in a Delta Faucet Bathroom Matchup sweepstakes a few months back and I decided to use it to buy some plants and extra landscape barrier. I picked out some drought tolerant plants to round out the look and textures in the very front of my yard. 

For the most part, to really keep this project from costing any more than the materials, I've been dividing succulents (breaking pieces off the one's that are doing well in my yard and sticking those pieces someplace else, watering well and waiting). This technique works really well in my climate so \ I've been able to save loads of cash this way.

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