Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FREE Mini-Courses on Craftsy - Cake Decorating, Quilting

Right now, you can score FREE crafts mini-course classes on Craftsy

Just search the category you are interested in and you will find the free crafts classes.

I think I'm going to take some free cake decorating classes, then figure out if I want to continue with some more techniques... I love that people uploaded their student projects and some of them look really amazing!

I'm going to check out the Modern Buttercream class.
Here's what you learn:
Make Swiss buttercream with confidence in any climate
Cut, level and fill cake layers, then apply a flawless crumb coat
Create a smooth or textured effect on the final layer of frosting
Add fondant embellishments and simple piping details to finish

I'm also going to take The Hand-Painted Cake class.
Here's what you learn:
Layered painting techniques
How to mix custom colors
Erin's signature tracing transfer method
Elegant flower and artistic chevron designs
Freehand painting strategies

I love playing with my food!

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