Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Front Yard - This is Taking FOREVER!

So this is what we did on our holiday weekend... the old thorn in our side - the front yard!

Little by little we are grading it and pulling weeds by hand. Then we plant with succulents that are already growing on the property and add in some new plants here and there. Finally, we cover the dirt with weed barrier and a couple inches of golden pebbles.

We are planning on grading the little hill to the right, and then the rest of the yard is going to be a little bit of a surprise. Hint: we are not going to continue the desertscape. We will switch it up a bit for privacy and interest... stay tuned!

Here is a somewhat "before" picture...

The hill of ice plant is GONE! Mostly. My husband whipped this out on his lunch break, today. I came home from a beach playdate, and dug it out a little more and worked the shape of the hill to be a little nicer. We put some pebbles down this evening, but we need to figure out if we want to hold back the hill with rocks, blocks, ice plant or???

I will take pics, tomorrow of the "after" photos. Still so much to do...

I love my crew!!!

This is a project that is running concurrently... the stucco repair:

I call my husband the lunch break handyman, because once or twice a week he will work on a couple feet of stucco repair around the base of our house on his lunch break. As you can imagine, this project is taking forever, too! Thank goodness this is only in the front of the house and not around the entire building or this would probably take a few years at the rate we are going, but at least it isn't costing us anything in labor!

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