Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial Leading Up to the Finale!

Lying in the courtroom, stills from live footage.

I've been following the Jodi Arias trial from nearly the beginning, in January, this year. It is so exciting to stay up late and watch the final witnesses on HLN tonight!

I have watched many of the witnesses testimony, including the 18 days that Jodi was on the stand, and I believe Jodi Arias is guilty of first degree, pre-meditated murder. She basically used sex to try to make Travis Alexander stay with her, and every time he tried to pull away from her, she called, texted, e-mailed, snooped, used her sexuality to entice him back. Jodi Arias' obsession with Travis Alexander escalated into domestic violence as she hacked into his accounts, showed up unannounced, stalked, slashed his tires, confronted his friends, girlfriends, him, over and over and over again and ultimately ended up murdering him.

Jodi Arias was in love with Travis Alexander, but he was not in love with her. Jodi let him try every and any possible kinky sex with her, just to try to keep him. When that didn't work, she went for one last attempt, to talk him into taking her to Cancun, instead of taking a girl as a friend, only this time, she came with a gun and a knife.

Not only was there kinky sex, the day Travis was slaughtered, Psycho-style, but they were taking pictures of each other, nude. I believe that Jodi had been threatening to tell people about all the naughty things Mormon Travis Alexander did, to blackmail him into liking her, hence the photos. Her third story  after two admitted lies of 'the gun just went off when he attacked me and I forget the rest' (um 29 stab wounds), with no memory of the nearly meticulous cleaning of the crime scene or the camera in the washing machine, or the brutal slash of Travis' throat.

Jodi is a liar. A manipulative, desperate, sick, liar. A bad liar, because she got caught over, and over and over again. She even lied in her diary! Jodi is also a dumb criminal. Although she did everything she possibly could to cover her tracks, planning weeks in advance to steal a gun (from her grandparents - duh?!) to buying AND borrowing gas cans and dying her hair (in order to go un-detected - uh paper trail, anyone? anyone?), taking photos of the crime and recording things on her phone (to gather "evidence" on her victim as she provokes him to be lewd and obnoxious to her - she knew she was going to need this stuff at some point, when she got caught!). She even tried to manipulate the police by CALLING them OFTEN to try to find out information on what THEY knew about the murder case.

I sincerely hope the jury noticed times when Jodi's face changed in the courtroom. There were moments when you could see that Jodi Aria's forgot that she was actually on trial for murder and let the muscles in her face do the talking. I watched her "come to" in the courtroom and saw her facial features, muscles and expression go through a creepy transformation from one person the the next. Just like Jodi was a dumb criminal, and a bad liar, she is a bad actress, too, and cannot keep the front on her face for long hours in the courtroom. Jodi may have missed the whole Casey Anthony, thing, because she was in jail, for murder, two years ago, but she could have learned a thing or two.

Hopefully the jury sees through the lies and finds this woman guilty of first degree murder when they are finished deliberating. Closing arguments, tomorrow!!!

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