Friday, June 14, 2013

15% Off Retro Modern Furniture at Zinc Door - Promo Code

Worlds Away Star Frosted Glass Small Chandelier  WAAGS812Worlds Away Star Clear Glass X-Large Chandelier WAACS112

If you are in the mood or need for redecorating, Zinc Door is offering 15% off Worlds Away furniture, fixtures and accessories with promo code WA15

I really love these three-dimensional Moravian star chandeliers! The one on the right is 20" and would look fabulous in our stairwell. It would be great to upgrade from the ancient lantern that is one of the last original fixtures in this house...

I really dig these retro-modern Worlds Away Chinright Modern side tables... love the colors! Citrus colors are so hot, right now, and make your space so bright and cheerful. I consider it a rebellion against the way too overused neutral tones that you just cannot get away from anymore!
Worlds Away Chinright Green Side Table WACHINRIGHTGRWorlds Away Chinright Orange Side Table WACHINRIGHTORWorlds Away Chinright Turquoise Side Table WACHINRIGHTTU

I'm feeling these pieces with the circular motif in limed oak and white laquer, right now, too...

Worlds Away Leah White Nightstand WALEAHNWHWorlds Away Leah White Lacquer Bottom Cabinet WALEAHWHCHWorlds Away Leah Limed Oak Cabinet WALEAH 

Very pretty stuff, but also quite pricey, so make sure you buy now with your coupon code! 

Promo code - WA15

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