Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Day of Sliding on our Banzai Splash Blast

We spent another day sliding on our Banzai Splash Blast Water Slide. I think this is the 6th time we have used it, this summer, so I really feel like we got our money's worth!

We had friends over, yesterday with a boy who is a little older than our boy, and the dads took turns putting the little guys on top of the slide, over and over and over again. It is so much fun to watch them fly down the slide and splash!

I'm sure it is not recommended for kids this little, but they both have had their swim lessons and are very comfortable in the water. It is difficult for the little ones to climb up to the top themselves, so we always just toss him up there. We'll see if this thing lasts until next year, maybe he will be able to climb up on his own!

My 8 year old niece spent the entire day playing on this when she was here. It was perfect to keep her occupied and entertained on a day where my husband and I just wanted to relax.

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