Friday, August 9, 2013

$10 Off $25 Kohls Coupon

Here's a nice offer from Kohls Facebook page!

Claim the offer for a $10 off $25 Kohls kids apparel purchase. You can also stack with a % off coupon, too!

In store only, expires 8/18

If you ever go to the store and DON't have a coupon, ask for a scratch off coupon at the register. You can score a 15, 20, or 30% off coupon - all scratch offs will have a discount - no losers on this one!!!


  1. Thank you SO much, I missed this one! We are heading to Kohls with our 30% off coupon...SO lucky to get it now before school and shoe shopping! This little add on coupon will be awesome! Very appreciated, I clicked the link and sent to facebook, and that said to go to store online site and follow directions to print. Hurray!

    1. Your welcome! I am going to set an alert on my phone so I remember to use this and my 30% off, too!

  2. Thanks for info definitely will come in handy.


Thanks for the comment!

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