Sunday, August 25, 2013

DIY Dad Duplo LEGO Train Table

Here is how hubby used 2x4s and a standard (used) kitchen table to make a DUPLO train table:

I bought a standard farm table in the thrift store when I moved into my first apartment, buy myself, and the wood was leftover scraps from another project, so we basically built this table for free.

Here is the standard Farm table on

The reason I chose this table, is because of its nice large size (30 x 48" top), its price ($111.00) and its rounded corners and because I had it lying around. 

You can find tables like this or similar tables and coffee/cocktail tables, all the time, for very low prices, in thrift stores,, and garage sales

In fact, people regular throw these away in larger cities, like LA, so keep your eyes peeled if you are a Dumpster Diver Decorator, like myself. You don't get to be "Mommy on the Money", without a little experience in turning trash into treasure...

Just remember, you are looking for dimensions of at least 25x25 (for a basic round DUPLO track with NO straight tracks at all) and rounded corners are key to avoid injuries. I prefer a minimum of 30x48" or larger for a DUPLO train table.

You can also simply buy an inexpensive train table for under $100:

Or for a little over $100, you can get the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table.

These tables will fit DUPLO trains, as will many other train tables.

First, Hubby removed the legs of a standard farm table. Then he used the original hardware to attach 2x4s to the exact location the legs were affixed to. This way he did not have to drill extra holes or ruin the table. I plan to replace the legs and use the table for an arts and crafts table, someday.

Then, we just secured our track to the table, using scotch tape.

Just add trains! A little handmade tunnel and some DUPLO landscaping doesn't hurt, either.

Here's our DUPLO train layout...

We got all of our Duplo Trains on eBay. The Thomas sets are retired, but are the BEST DUPLO trains, in my opinion. You can score a nice lot of these trains and tracks on eBay for some really great deals.

The LEGO Lego-Duplo Deluxe Train Set 10508 is really nice, too!

So fun!

Best place to find DUPLO Trains?
We get our DUPLO Trains on Ebay

Need DUPLO Bricks to start building some cool things with?

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