Thursday, August 1, 2013

Layla Grayce Back to School Gear - Backpacks, Snack Bags, etc.

I love all the adorable Skip Hop backpacks in all the different animal faces! Kids love these, too!!!

They have lots of cute patterned snack bags so you can save money AND the earth by buying a few of these instead of disposable baggies.

The Monkey Mania Lunch Happens bento box stores a child's school lunch or travel snacks. Designed with a blue and orange zoo animal print, the double-decker, reusable square case features pre-measured compartments for fruits, veggies, sandwiches and treats and a built-in handle.

It will be fun to pack this double-decker bento box. Plus healthy eating will be fun for your little one!



  1. We have that exact bento box and it's great! I would definitely recommend it. I love that backpack - we may need to look into getting that one.


Thanks for the comment!

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