Monday, August 12, 2013

This is the Worst of Us for Sure with Pictures to Prove

The Sleepy Face - not the cool pictures we could have at at the art studio

So this is me. I'm the mom who could have probably taken her best photos at an art studio we visited today.

Except I left my camera/phone in the car.

I'm not addicted to my phone, but I'm also not the mom-blogger who is constantly telling readers to "put down your phone and play with your kid" either. I play with my kid constantly and use my phone to continue tons of work I need to get done throughout the day, including taking my raging 20 month to an art studio. I put down my phone and I have no pictures to prove the chaos that ensued or the cool art that was made. Seriously, bad, idea. 

The little guy has been a real handful, lately. This was something we haven't done before and I thought he would like (he is a little crayon crazy right now).  He loved the art studio. He just hated that he couldn't paint in the dry erase board/LEGO/clean area.

He hated this so much that he threw 3 fits laying on the floor and screaming.

This kid is 19 months old, converses in sentences, counts, knows his ABCs, speaks spanish (thanks, Dora and Diego) and is on the verge of reading for goodness sake, but he cannot understand that he isn't allowed to do what he wants to do when he feels passionate about it. Sound like any two parents we know?!?

Anyway, we made it through, had a lovely lunch at my favorite place, Native Foods, and the short guy took a serious nap while mom got to working on the Front Yard DIY project.


I think I have the right shape for this area, in mind, I just need to move very hard to dig dirt from one area to this spot. If it gets too hard, I may waste some water by soaking the ground. This is thankless work, but I'm appreciating the workout, the creative process and the peacefulness of this kind of work.

Oh, and the lunch-break handyman came out for a few feet of stucco work and a cameo. I'm sure he's glad I have my phone on me, now, because I got this great shot of him in his "work" clothes and swim shoes. I have no idea why he likes to wear those.

I'm just glad there is no picture of me in my weird "painting clothes" and my gardening hat. I was still wearing my temper tantrum paint-stained tee shirt.

The little guy woke up and he and I went over to Gram and Gramp's to swim, play...

and continue our dirty, messy, day eating spaghetti and "crabby patties" (vegan meatball sliders) at Grammy's...

Yup, this was a painted on, dirty, messy, day, but we had fun!

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