Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY Front Yard - River Rock Planters

Hubby poured beautiful river rock into our planters, yesterday. We didn't have enough, because we didn't want to overload the car. We'll have to make another trip to the rock store for 3-4 more bags. It is  finally starting to look finished!

All of these plants were from the garden, so I didn't pay for any of them. I know the one on the left is looking dead, but it is because we neglected it while it sat on the side of the house for a month or so. It will perk up! The plant in front of that lame pipe should get large enough to overtake it.

We are about to purchase a hydrangea plant that will go right where that square tile is. I know hydrangea might seem like a strange choice, but I've always loved them and I think this will be the perfect spot. I'm going for a very violet, blue, pink dwarf variety, so it will go with the funky look we have going on. As usual, we are taking our time to select the exact variety of plant we want to use, here.

The cool thing is that it looks really nice and modern on its own. You don't even have to plant it. We could easily to a few succulents or cool looking plants and call it done. There would be NO maintenance.

I really like how the rock breaks up the space and adds another texture. 

If you look at the front of my yard, you will see that we did a pretty rocky desertscape, so this is definitely a stark contrast. We like to keep it interesting. We are not going to continue the desert throughout the entire front yard, either. It will be another texture... and since we are almost done with the front, that space is up next, so stay tuned!

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