Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary - Year 4

Nice roses from hubby!

He helped me finish the front garden with larger accent rocks. They look so nice since we haven't fully filled in with plants, yet. It looks so nice with the stucco work he did!

...and he surprised me with Victoria Secret panties! I love all the pretty patterns and soft cottons he picked out!

Lovely vegetarian dinner in at Domninic's in the Harbor! Pumpkin ravioli and gnocchi in Gorgonzola sauce were both tonight's specials. These two pastas went amazingly well, together.

We paired them with delicious red wines, and kept swapping dishes and wines the whole meal. Their cannolli was perfect. Hubby got the chocolate fondant cake that I usually get and he was not disappointed. Not sure if they make it themselves or buy it in, but their desserts are the best around.

LOVE him!!!! Happy 4 years, baby!!!!!!!!

Here's to many, many more!

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