Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Knott's Berry Farm with a Toddler - Part 2

We took another family day at Knotts this  week... Woohoo! My tickets had expired but I had called BEFORE they expired to explain my extinuating circumstances. The guest service rep was super helpful and allowed me to exchange them. I am impressed over and over again with their guest service at this park! Excellent guest service, extremely reasonable price, and great experience for my toddler make this place the perfec theme park for a toddler!

As usual, Snoopy is easy to find, here. Kaden hugged him and took pictures with him 3 separate times!

The saloon show wasn't a hit with my little guy... But the Saloon girl was!

Snoopy and Snuggie were up for another hug! We also caught the Peanuts show which was cute, but tough for my 1 year old to sit through, but you get to meet all the characters after the show.


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  2. My kids really want to go to Legoland... it looks like so much fun.... it looks like you had tons of fun at Knotts Berry Farm


Thanks for the comment!

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