Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Custom Create Fundraising and Event Tees at

I was thinking of making a holiday fundraising shirt for my playgroup and I just tested out a great new site called In a few minutes, I had this fun Halloween tee-shirt for sale, here!

Teespring has a very simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to create and sell custom tees to a group of people with zero upfront costs. In a simple, three step process, you design, set a price and goal for profit, and launch it on its very own page. It doesn't get printed until your target number of people buy.

Here is a screenshot of the Halloween design I made on in the Bella Ladies Relaxed Tee...

All the graphics and fonts are from their site, but you can upload your own artwork too!

I made this one for my playgroup holiday party...

Again, I simply used the graphics available on their site, but I was able to make a cute shirt that I could use as a fundraiser and to get the whole group to look cute for a picture!

After you design the shirt, you get to set your goals for pricing and profit. I'm thinking of making shirts for all different events and causes...

One cool thing I noticed is that you have the option of allowing people to pick up the shirts from YOU to save on shipping!

It is totally free to make a shirt and put it out there, so try it out now, at!

*TIP: Make sure you SAVE YOUR DESIGN often and before you continue to the 2nd step. Save is a button on the upper right toolbar.


  1. This is a great idea! My friends and I always do a marathon every year and we always talk about getting matching t-shirts but have never done it. I think we'll have to try it next year!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for the info, I will seriously keep this in mind next time the need arises, or if I hear of anyone looking into anything.


Thanks for the comment!

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