Saturday, October 5, 2013

DUPLO Train of the Day and Easy DIY Tunnels

I'm really loving these custom trains by my toddler! It is so freakin' cool to see this little kid become a LEGO guy. Daddy threw together a couple tunnels to go on the train table, too. We have big plans, for the train table, but for now, we keep it simple. 

Gratuitous Lulu photo... 

It is so easy to make train tunnels when you have some of these: LEGO DUPLO Building Plates 4632

Then, you just stack the bricks you have to raise up the DUPLO plates. My track is taped down, but the tunnels aren't. I should probably tape those down, too, but the little guy doesn't seem to care if they fall on the floor and break. I'm just waiting for him to start building his own! It will be soon, I'm sure...

Best place to find DUPLO Trains?
We get our DUPLO Trains on Ebay

Need DUPLO Bricks to start building some cool things with?

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