Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy on the Dollar!!!

Happy Birthday swag pile for the hubs, who I affectionately call "Daddy on the Dollar" or at times "The Lunchbreak Handyman"

I scored a bunch of great deals at, got the beer kit and bottles at and a bunch of other goodies, too! He went nuts over the beer kit. He is going to make beer, right away!

Funny cat card is courtesy of my mom. She is so crafty!

I also took the hubs out to dinner... to Rosina's!

We had a scrumptious appetizer of brushcetta and stuffed peppers. The tomatoes must have been marinated in balsamic or something because they were the best I ever had!

Then, I had a baked, cheese and spinach filled crepe and he had an alfredo dish. Of course he had to try mine!

And finally, dessert!

Happy Birthday, Baby!!!!

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