Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dollar Store Trip and Got Our LEGO Going for Our DUPLO House Party

I headed over to the Dollar Tree, yesterday, to pick up some tableware and plastic bins for our DUPLO House Party we have coming up. I got a lot of good stuff and I only spent $23. Note that I can reuse most of the stuff for a Disney Cars Birthday Party I think we are going to do for the little guy, too! 

He is helping me build some more stuff for our DUPLO party. This is the first time I got my "big kid" LEGO out with the little guy, but he plays with it all the time at LEGOLAND. We are sticking to the big pieces only. I can see that we are going to need a lot more LEGO with this kid! Plus, a lot of our personal LEGO stash is tied up in already built LEGO models that we don't want to take apart, like our LEGO Wedding Cake

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  1. A lego party? My grandson would be in lego heaven. I have little lego pieces all over the house!


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