Friday, November 15, 2013

LEGO DUPLO House Party for Toddlers

We finally got to host our LEGO DUPLO House Party from! We had such a great time. I hope everyone had fun, too! We got to make a lot of cool things out of LEGO, make up a bunch of fun party food and hang with some of my favorite mamas and their toddlers.

The coolest thing is that 3 of my mama friends also brought their sweet little precious newborns! Oh, and House Party GAVE us 6 sets of DUPLO, posters, stickers, coupons, plates, napkins and hats! Woot woot!

Check out the Jake Bucky Pirate ship at the top of my table. It was so cute, I set it up there. I had a DUPLO "Dusty" plane flying over the table, too, but my pint sized detective spotted it and begged, "pleeeeeeeeeeeease." Hey, when they master the proper use of that word, you cave.

Everyone got to play with our LEGO train track that we've been working on as well as the LEGO DUPLO Planes and Jake and the Neverland Pirates sets. Both themes are really fun for the kiddos. We love Jake! That show is hot, for the younger set, right now. We just got to watch Planes for the first time and it was really good! I think these DUPLO Planes and Jake sets are for sure going to be a hit for the holidays. Great partnership, LEGO!

For the party food... I made a LEGO inspired veggie tower! 3 Toothpicks secure each to the next. I also made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, pinwheel sandwiches, "LEGO" sugar cookies, and spinach dip. We had some fruit on hand, grill cheeses for the toddlers, finger snacks, smoothie pouches and juice boxes.

I used the little red plastic ramekins I got in Dollar Tree for the snacks (bowls and bandannas also came from Dollar Tree).

The plastic bin on the right was for pickles and olives that I decided not to put out or run out of time. Who wants pickles and olives, anyway?! I don't know. I guess maybe I did at some point. I could have at least remembered to take the empty bin off of the table before the picture, but my toddler was running wild at this point, so just imagine there are pickles in there... 

Here are my LEGO inspired pinwheel sandwiches.

I also made 2 other types of pinwheels just for some variety. The LEGO is colored bell peppers and herb cream cheese. The others are VEGAN - with hummus, black olives, heirloom tomatoes, and bell peppers and Vegetarian Greek - with hummus, black olives, tomato and feta. 

There are some spinach leaves, basil leaves and havarti cheese thrown into some of the vegetarian and LEGO ones. I will do a post on those, later, but there were really easy to make and you can get really creative with the ingredients as long as you have something creamy, like cheese or hummus to stick it all together.

I made healthy vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffins too, but they weren't exactly flying off the LEGO cupcake tower. Maybe because they weren't cupcakes. Maybe because they look a little dry and creepy. I guess it is good that we like them because most of them are in my freezer, right now.

You know what everyone wanted? THESE...

LEGO sugar cookies. Mom helped me whip these sweet treats up. Vegan (except for the M&Ms).

This little girl is seriously our top smiler. Her Facebook photos far outshine anyones with her million watt smile! There should have been a prize for that!

Here's some of our awesome friends...

Ok everyone - I think I got most of you in the pic! Even my son, the uncooperative little bug that he was that day, got in. sigh

Time to play!

Kids loved the DUPLO Play table.

Here are the goody bags. Bandannas make good goody bags for a pirate theme. I guess they are also good for a cowboy theme or a gangster theme because I'm pretty sure gangsters have birthday parties. Pretty good ones, too.

I received coupons and stickers from House Party. I added the promo brick for our besties from our collection.
Stuff we played with...

The runway we made with my old baseplates and the party hats, because toddler don't do party hats.

They do planes, though!


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