Monday, November 25, 2013

Turkey Boycott - Why I Eat a Vegan Thanksgiving Meal

Big old-fashioned turkeys sitting pretty!

Welcome to my Annual Turkey Boycott for Thanksgiving 2013!

Each year I boycott turkey on Thanksgiving and all other days, too. Overloaded with cooked turkey images splashed everywhere, I will counter that with talk about how much I like turkeys, would probably, maybe eventually have one as a pet, would raise them and NEVER murder one.

If you feel strongly about eating your turkey, and don't want to hear me on my soapbox, you may want to move on to my latest Free Coffee or LEGO post. In most cases trust me, most of you would not be okay with the life cycle and murder of your dead bird, either. If you saw an animal being treated like that bird and most of your meat, you would likely do something. The bottom line is if anyone were to treat a dog, or a cat, or a pet parrot like that, they would surely go to jail!

If you want to know why I don't eat Turkey for Thanksgiving then read on and feel free to comment! Let me know if you boycott turkey, too! I wanna hear it :)

Now, let's get ready to EAT this Thanksgiving!!!

As we gear up for this year's Thanksgiving feast, I'm looking forward to thanking my mom, who once again, will prepare a vegan feast for our family. What? No Turkey? Not this year. Not ever. While almost everyone else in this country is going to put a dead bird on the table, with stuffing up the who-ha, we will not have it, nor will it be missed. I assure you we will all overeat because it's always delicious. We even make sandwiches on white bread for days after and gain 5 pounds.

As our culture makes us more aware of the suffering and un-kind ways of the factory farms, we find birds marked free-range, playing upon our compassion and inherent kindness. However, free-range means very little difference for the ways turkeys and other animals are kept. They are still subject to the cruel practices of being crammed into cages, having parts of their bodies sliced, seared, or snipped off without anesthetics, and living a stressful, traumatic, and heartbreaking life behind bars in their own blood and feces. Oh, a door may be open, in the shed, though, hence the "free-range" labeling but the gruesome end is torture nonetheless.

Why you can't "give thanks" for your turkey

I find that merely being thankful doesn't expunge you of a heinous murder on the table. People are thankful on Thanksgiving. They are thankful to their god, and the turkey for giving its life. Oh, small problem, you can't thank bird for giving its life to you. They have the will to live, even in the most deplorable conditions and definitely put up the good fight. Oh and seriously, don't thank god for the bird. I'm 100% sure that there is not a god that would condone the treatment of these birds, except maybe one of those evil ones that asked for human sacrifices or something. Maybe you can thank Big Agro-business and the politicians that protect the rights of humans to do unconscionable things to other living beings. Nothing like having those a-holes to thank at Thanksgiving dinner... ick.

Although we are all so removed from the source of our food, if we consume it, we bear some responsibility for how it gets to our tables. So, in my opinion, if you are going to put that turkey on your table and defend your right to do so, you may want to make sure it is up to the physical and emotional, and ethical standards for what you are going to kill and eat!

The way farmed turkeys are treated physically and emotionally is unacceptable to any moral standards, so do your part and boycott turkey, too! Shout it out in the comments if you do!


  1. I just like turkey period. The smell, taste...Yuck! I do eat meat. Just not turkey!

  2. Oops! That should have read I don't like turkey.

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