Friday, December 13, 2013

"Courtney Loves Dallas" - Fashion Blog Goes Reality TV

I enjoyed watching "Courtney Loves Dallas" on Bravo, tonight. I don't know the last time I got to see so much jewelry dripping on a cable show that wasn't on QVC. Courtney Kerr, is a vivacious, funny, intelligent, and very fashionable chick, who quit her job to start blogging. She is into clothing and accessories and wears all the pieces she blogs about herself for photo shoots on her blog.

Bloggers, especially non-celebrity ones like me, can watch and see if she has what it takes to get the money flowing, or if it is just a labor of love, like it is for most of us. I know firsthand how difficult it can to monetize a blog, so it is exciting to see someone really getting out there and start partnering up. Reality stars like Lauren Conrad do it with help. I would guess that Courtney doesn't have much help because her blog is clean, simple and you can hear her personality and point of view come across on her posts. I think she has what it takes to be a success and it will be interesting to see if the blog continues to be in her own voice as her career takes its turns, and if she is really one of the select few that is able to make a living at it.

I had watched a few episodes of "Most Eligible Dallas" a year or so ago with Courtney and her former love interest, Matt, so there is a little bit of a reality show back story there... We find out they hooked-up, broke up, or stopped talking or whatever and lo and behold, he happens to show up on the scene.  It's annoying to see him make an appearance in this new show. It detracted from all the beautiful and creative fashion and friendships and reeks of staged drama. Blah.

Forget Matt and give us more jewelry, more Courtney and her cool friends (the ones that do fashion with her preferably). This has potential to be a fun and refreshing new show.

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