Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Palm and Banana Trees and Hanging Monkeys for Your Jungle Baby Room

I just love the jungle, safari, or rain forest theme for a baby nursery. With these themes as a base you get to really use your imagination to accessorize and create a fantasy room for a little one to enjoy well into little-kidhood and even longer! My favorite part of doing a baby room in a jungle theme is adding silk trees. You can get some seriously realistic ones that will look so cool in a baby room.

Check out this and other textiles in my Animal Print Safari Baby Room.

If you are trying to find the best silk trees for jungle baby rooms, I would go for a banana tree or a coconut palm. Both of these type of trees have a elongated straight trunk to give it that true tree feel and leaves that spread out from the top.

These type of trees are great for hanging plush monkeys from! I would choose a tree that was on the taller side, but if you have the space, choose 3 trees in 3 different heights and you can create a mini jungle scene!

You may also want to do some scenic wall art.

Coconut palms look great in a jungle room, too!

You may also want to hang some monkeys...

Love this mom and baby monkey combo!

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  1. CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE Idea!!! Wish my babies were still small enough for me to be able to do something like this with their nursery but my youngest is now 11. Don't think he'd take too well to me sticking a banana tree in his room LOL!


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