Sunday, February 16, 2014

DUPLO Train Layout

This is one of our awesome DUPLO train layouts that we did a few months back. I just found these photos and thought I would share them. It was a lot of fun to build this, and rebuild it until we got it right. Eventually the toddler tore it down. I'm looking for a little inspiration for our next project...

I love our little Hobbit hole and the rainbow of flowers.

We made a hill with a waterfall and some rockwork...

We pretty much used all of the bricks we had in greens, greys, blues and browns. We have a lot of flowers!

I had a lot of help building from my hubby and the little guy.

We also had an older tunnel on the other side.

Hubby called it McTunnel because of its arches and the red and yellow theme, but those were the only colors I had left!

Some nutty things go on over here...

Best place to find DUPLO Trains?
We get our DUPLO Trains on Ebay

Need DUPLO Bricks to start building some cool things with?

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