Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY FREE Mister Cat Toy

Ok, you know those twist tie wires that are used to attach toys to boxes, or tie cords together? This is Mister Cats new FAVORITE toy. We have been playing with this for a couple weeks now. It was free, and it is making him feel much better after really having a tough time coexisting with a toddler.

He likes it best in a curly Q

He fetches over and over and carries it in his mouth.

He is even getting braver around the kid. I encourage the kid to play nicely with him, and he gets rewarded if he does, but we are still dealing with tail pulling and chasing in between fetch sessions.

At least yelling and loud noises are not scaring my brave little cat as much anymore.

The cat also had some "accidents" and was spraying. We fixed him up with a shot of antibiotics at the vet, a new kitty litter setup and more play and so far, I think we are past that. I don't know if it is all the extra playtime, but I think it helped. It is tough for a cat to deal with a toddler! Especially this kid. Plus, I think the potty training accidents were sending the wroooooong message to Mister Cat, who had somehow lost any and all attention that used to come his way from his parents. (We realized that we had started to completely ignore him besides his basic needs! - horrible, just horrible)

Bottom line, cat toys are FREE and FUN. Squeeze in a little time with the cat and they will be a much healthier and happier friend. 

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