Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paper that will be Eaten by Worms can be Sweet Satisfaction

I spent some time working on my worm bin today. I am adding a lot of paper when I put food in there to keep the flies down. I am struggling with this worm bin like EVERYTHING I try to do around in this house, so I really don't have any excellent tips on how to make a really great worm bin or anything. The paper seems to be helping to improve the fly situation though.

As I was shredding paper (I have a box full in our craft cave) I realized I was ripping up pictures of LEGO models that I worked on at LEGOLAND!

Like the keepsake hoarder that I am, I felt really bad that I was throwing all these cool papers away...

... some of them were New York City Miniland models, which made it even closer to my heart, but I really, REALLY, have to purge all this stuff, and what better way to do it than in an eco-friendly worm bin. I have to admit, I felt a little chewed up and spit out when I left my job with LEGOLAND so chomp chomp chomp.

There are some cool stats on some of the models that were around the park when I worked there. Here are the beautiful Dakota Apartments, where John Lennon was murdered *tear* a ripped Guggenheim, the San Remo Apts...

... and a Miniland tour script, which none of the Model Builders ever used for anything so I don't even know why I had this.

I really loved my old job, but sometimes I think I just have to let it go, or let my worms chew it up and spit it out, hahaha. Who is laughing now, old job?!

I used to work at Moe's Flowers in LA and that guy, Moe, is a real A-hole. I mean REAL nutso and a total jerk. I had some yucky polaroid of his ugly mug and I taped it to the inside of my toilet for a little while after I left in tears and never went back. This was after Moe freaked out on me for "screening his phone calls" but I was taking messages because the creep wouldn't answer his office door and I pushed it open and saw him in his boxer shorts once. It was a gentle push. The door was closed, but it wasn't locked. There was no doorknob, if just needed a little push. Oh, and it was mirrored glass, the kind that he could see out, but we couldn't see in. I mean, wouldn't you have a LOCK on your door if you were going to be changing?! Screening your calls... whatever you want to call it. If you don't open your door when I yell, I'm taking a message. I have friggin' PTSD, now, dude. Thanks a lot.

Anyway, Moe freaked out on me while stomping around like a 6 foot plus ogre and pulling on his clown hair until he made me cry just like he did to all the girls until we all quit.

A few of my flower shop friends got to pee on Moe, too, and loved it.

There is some sort of weird satisfaction that you can get out of giving your old boss a swirlie or turning your old work papers into worm sh!t.

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