Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Garden Update and Taking a Hike

I have a daffodil blooming today. A daffodil. Just one. I pulled them all when we re-did the garden and they sat for a while before I put them back in, so maybe next year I will get more?! It feels like we have been working on this garden forever, so at this point, it is the small things that make me happy, like a single daffodil and a couple of half open poppies...

I can't remember what this plant is called but it is thriving under our porch. It is going to get very big and hopefully doesn't outgrow this spot. It should look really cool when it branches out and fills in up top, but I will keep it pruned tightly next to the walkway.

Can you just smell the lavender?

I'll keep posting updates if I see any signs of  pretty out there... but for now, we are taking a hike! We need some fresh air and exercise.

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