Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Disney Mom and Son Date Day with the Toddler

Triton photobomb!

What do mom and son do on a VERY crowded day at Disneyland? Whatever they want!

Which means -  no standing in lines for rides we've done before. Getting on the carousel, in both California Adventure AND Disneyland. Getting a Dole Whip by standing on the line on the INSIDE of the Tiki Room because it is much shorter, then watching the Tiki Room show (no line there either).

We bought some die-cast Piston Cup Series 4/$25.00 (that's one FREE) in Cars Land and enjoyed Cars Land just for being Cars Land. Of course we did the "Tow Truck Ride", too, pictures with Lighting McQueen. Twice. In Bugs Land, we hopped on and off all the rides without long lines, and watched a band while we ate pizza in the food court on the other side of the lake.

Then we paid $5 for Midway Games by the ferris wheel and won a beautiful hug-sized plush Mickey. The fishing game is a quick win for a toddler. You let the kid fish as long as he is entertained. Make that $2.50 per game last. He always seems to score a prize, here.

Then, after more eating and drinking (they have beer, wine, and margaritas here, so why not?!) we made our way out to Disneyland where we did more, you guessed it, eating and drinking our Dole Whip Float!

He wasn't as enthused about the Dole Whip Float as I was. Especially considering that this was one of the longer lines we stood in, today. Oh well, I guess I have to eat it all by myself... but the Tiki Room is where it is AT for the babies and little kids, as well as a potential oasis for the parents if you get there at the right time.

Then we took a long walk through the park to get to Toon Town where we were able to hug Pluto, with again, no line. Toon Town is another great area to just walk around, see characters, snack, and climb through Chip and Dales treehouse, Mickey and Minnie's houses and other play areas.

Finally we skipped the parades and hooha and headed home at bedtime because the meltdown to come was showing early warning signs.

Disneyland may have raised its pass member prices, but it I'm not giving up my grandfathered in SoCal Select pass because doing Disney, on a random Tuesday, with your bestie, your 2 year old, or your 27 year old and without the pressure of getting every fast-pass, or standing hours in lines is priceless. I'll take the monthly payment plan, on my renewal, thank you.

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  1. Ok, that Dole whip float looks just amazing. They need to bring it here, so I can get some!


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