Wednesday, May 21, 2014

LEGOLAND Chima Water Park Opening and Splashing with the Toddler

We got the super-sneak preview, today at LEGOLAND California's new Chima Water Park and I was really impressed with the beautiful new play areas and wave pool! I went with my two year old and our friends and we stayed until waaaay past naptime because we were having so much fun!

Chima is the latest LEGO product line based on the show and LEGOLAND uses the characters and storylines to create an enormous expansion to their water park.

Photo courtesy of LEGOLAND

I used to work for the creative department at LEGOLAND, and I don't mean to hurt feelings, there is always learning to be done, and we had a long way to go when I was there, but they always seemed to miss the mark somehow... maybe it was just my point of view but I always felt like it was obvious when we cut corners, or didn't live up to expectations. Well HELLO world class water park expansion!!! 

I'd like to congratulate LEGOLAND on really doing a beautiful job on their newest area and now I'm scared because I don't want the crowds like Disneyland to come down here ruin it for us. This where it's at, right now, folks. You may as well get a room. Or at the very least, book a cabana.

LEGOLAND added a new play area called Cragger's Swamp that seems to have been created with the "little" kids in mind. The pool is shallow, which is perfect for the very little ones and there are slides they can do if they are 36" or taller. There is a lot of play value with the water cannons, sprinklers, hoses.

For my local friends, whose children have hit that 36" mark along with my son, the mark on the small slide here seems to add about 4 inches or so?! Definitely not correct. Double checked at home and my toddler is over 36", just like he was, yesterday, at Disneyland. LEGOLAND is using those funky rulers, again... but let's stop complaining and talk about... how freakin' amazing the wave pool is!

The wave pool is huge! It has cool LEGO Chima theming, including this amazing rock sculpture, and a LEGO lion head arch. The little kids can go in with the life jackets they've provided for free. The water is warm and the waves are fun! The wall around the outsides of the pool makes you feel as though you've been transported to another land...

Leading up to the pool, there are 2 play areas. I especially like the play area where you build your own LEGO boat and send it down a river. Much more real estate here for cabanas, too. It would be a great idea for anyone with babies and little kids to splurge and get a cabana if you want to spend an entire day, here. I'm planning what day I'm going to do this, in my head, right now as a special treat this summer.

They are doing a new thing in the Chima area, where LEGO figures and accessories are no longer made out of LEGO like they are in the rest of the park. I'm cool with the characters being fiberglass or whatever it is, as long as there are some cool LEGO models still showing up here and there. 

I love the LEGO in LEGOLAND. I admit, I've never really watched the Chima show. My son is still too young for these toys and doesn't care either way, but I do. I am one of those adults who buys LEGO for herself, for fun!

For a LEGO person, like me, it is good to see that there is still some things madoe out of LEGO included in the displays.

I would LOVE to see these guys take the LEGO crafting to the next level and actually getting some hands on designers to build some more of the lands of Chima (the kind of designers that actually build with special LEGO pieces, in real life, ooooooh. I think they call them Master Builders). Maybe I should try to just go and work there, again... but then I would be able to spend my weekdays with my 2 year old having FUN...

... and FUN we did have, today. There is so much more to do in the water park, now. It opens a whole new realm of possibilities for us season passholders over the summer. I have a feeling we will spending a lot more time here as it warms up. I'm already planning a cabana party, and the little guy woke up from his nap in tears because he was no longer at LEGOLAND. He didn't cry about going back to Disneyland. Just sayin'.

Get all your facts and info from LEGOLAND. I'm way too tired from back to back theme parks the last few days to give you ticket prices, opening hours, and other details that I missed, here. I'll most likely be writing a lot more over the summer as we visit over and over and over again, so stay tuned! 

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  1. It sounds like so much fun and my grandchildren would have a blast. I wish we had a Legoland Water Park here.

  2. How interesting it must be to go to an "American" attraction in another country. To see the other country's take on it and watch how people act the same or different based on the country.

  3. Wow, it does seem that Lego Land is trying to catch up, with the rest of the parks, I think it would be fun to work at one of the parks, but not full time.. lol (just when I wanted to work) we went years ago with my grandsons, they are too old now, but they loved it and I loved the model kits that they got, My grandsons are more respectful of their Lego bricks then my boys were, theirs usually ended up on the floor and I would get angry and throw them away, my grandsons still have the boxes and all together. they love their Legos

  4. What a fun place to get the kids involved and learning! I can see why you'd want to return.

  5. My grandson is highly addicted to Lego's , he so good at making things with them , very creative. Tho he has never gotten to Legoland yet, its soon time coming. Thanks so much for all the pictures and information . He loves it all.


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