Saturday, May 17, 2014

Severe Drought Tolerant California Wildfire Garden Tour

Yesterday was another very hot, smokey, dry day here in Southern California and as you can see from my view from the top of my street, the fires were raging on. We're so thankful for all the firefighters working around the clock to try to control this beast.

I saw on the news that we Californians are experiencing 100% SEVERE drought in the state.

This means that it is time for another garden tour... a severe drought tolerant, smokey, hot, dry, garden tour.

It makes me even more grateful that we have decided not to irrigate our yard and instead use hand watering to deal with plants that may need it, like these Peace Lilies that are about to bloom. We are not going to waste water on a lawn, right now. 

The sun was so strong, and the air was ashy and so smokey that it was blurring my photos!

My California Poppies are at the end of their season, but I'm letting them go to seed, collecting a lot of the seed myself, so I can grow them again next year. I will miss their color!

There are also these "weeds" that were happily flowering among the poppies that are starting to go brown, too. I'll pull those as soon as the weather cools off (I'm not working in 100 degree heat!!!)

Some plants protect others, so I let them grow into each other, then try to rescue anyone that needs it with a little pruning. This crazy bush has been mothering all these plants underneath.

I do not water ANY of these plants, yet weeds still grow.

Flowers still bloom in this raging heat and sun with wildfire ash and smokey air.

Our very special anniversary Hydrangea has been taking it the worst. I've been watering it by hand, daily, sometimes with water I've captured from rinsing dishes in the sink. I'm beginning to wonder if this really is the right place for this plant, but I'm certainly not going to move it in this heat. I'm going to give it a little thought and see if it will be alright once it is a little more established?! It was a poor choice for a drought tolerant garden but it stems from my days as a floral designer. I LOVE these flowers. I chose this particular plant after hours of searching for exactly the right one...

but she is so very sad, right now...

This is the lone survivor from termite tenting last year. The Calla Lily has a will to live!

No water for this guy. NONE at all. I thought it would be cool to plant this under my porch. I wanted it to look tropical and magical, but at the same time, I'm questioning how big it is going to get. I think it could outgrow this space pretty quickly, so NO water.

I feel good that we are doing something major by not watering a lawn or a garden. I wish others would follow suit in this neighborhood and all over this dry state. 

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  1. What a terrifying time to live there! I'm glad you have your priorities down though.


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