Monday, June 30, 2014

FREE Recyclebank Points and Rewards - It Adds Up to Gift Cards

I'm always trying to learn more about caring for the environment. Keep up to date on being eco-friendly and learn all about reducing your impact on the environment on Recyclebank and you can earn free points you can use for coupons, gift cards, discounts etc. The points actually add up really fast.

Only 1500 points for a $5 Target Gift Card!
You can all kinds of other rewards.

FIRST Sign in or Sign up for Recyclebank.


Earn 420 points by checking out everything below!
It is pretty fast and easy and there are a ton of tips and tricks to help us reduce our impact on the earth.

Recyclebank Points:
(some are more than one action on a page - make sure you get ALL of them ;)
Home and Away - 25 points
Staggering Storms - 25 points
Join the 20% - 30 points
Care to Recycle - 25 points
Find Certified eCycling Locations Near You - 5 points
Beachy Keen - 100 points


  1. Hm, I never heard of this before. I am definitely going to check this out. Thanks!

  2. Great idea! I will have to look into this .


Thanks for the comment!

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