Thursday, July 10, 2014

LEGOLAND California July Date With the Toddler

We were back at it again, today! The toddler and I headed over to LEGOLAND California this morning with the intent to see them feed the Octopus in Sea Life at 11:30. We started out at Fairy Tale Brook. We were going to go on Safari Trek, but even first thing in the morning the line was long. Even if it doesn't seem long, it is a SLOW line. So we skipped that and walked right on Fairy Tale Brook instead.

Then we hit the LEGO Movie Experience. This is where they have the real set from the end of the movie. We heard this is only going to be there until the end of the year, so we are going to enjoy it while it is there and visit often to take it all in. We are BIG LEGO Movie fans.

We really like the western town and the train.

I love how there is a canyon that the train emerges from. It would be fun to build something like this with the little guy, someday...

We found William Shakespeare. Not a great shot, but in case you were looking for him, you can see where he is approximately...

The little guy really liked some of the cars in the scene, so we took some pics so we could try to copy some of them someday.

Awesome tow truck!

Then we headed over to see them feed the octopus.

They put her food inside a Fisher Price shape sorter. The little guy got a thrill seeing her with a toy that he has at home.

She is such a beautiful and graceful creature. She was extremely active before they fed her, climbing all around her tank, and reaching up at the top. It is sad to know that they only live 2-4 years. I hope she is enjoying her life, here in her little tank with her friends, the anemones and starfish, and all of us staring back at her from the other side of the glass...

Then, we headed over to the Water Park. Hubby happened to be stopping by with his co-worker to look at the boat area for something they are working on (he works for LEGOLAND as a Project Manager building LEGOLAND parks around the world!) so we got a little treat to walk up there with them.

Then we built our boat and sailed over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

The toddler is now at the age where putting a few LEGO pieces on a boat is a thrill for him. This is a really fun, new, hands on attraction that we love in the new Chima area. It is similar to the car racing area in the Imagination Zone, which he is also quite fond of.

We just make sure, as parents, to be patient in both build and race areas. It is really not enough to go once down the river, or twice. or even three times. If we are going to do it, we do it BIG, as always.

Then, there was nothing left to do but change into our swimsuits and splash around in Cragger's Swamp, again. Perfect ending to a hot day at the park. Nap in the car, transfer to crib, momma naps too, big win for all!

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  1. Looks like a great time! I've always wanted to go to Legoland. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kristi,

    Your boy is so cute!

    make sure our little man doesn't eat one of those blocks. There are a few lego pieces that are clear and neon that look like candy.

    God bless,



Thanks for the comment!

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