Wednesday, October 29, 2014

LEGOLAND California Brick or Treat 2014

I thought I'd share a few pictures of our little "Hookfang" from How to Train Your Dragon when we went to LEGOLAND Brick or Treat last weekend. Brick or Treat is the Halloween party that LEGOLAND throws every year for a few weekends before Halloween. As usual, we had an amazing time collecting treats, toys, dancing, and exploring.

I actually designed some of these little treat houses way back when I used to work there, and my husband helped build LEGOLAND California, so it is a treat in and of itself to see our little boy enjoying everything, now.

Speaking of treats... I don't know what all the other theme parks were giving out this year, but I would think that LEGOLAND truly gave out the BEST stuff! Not only did they give out a LEGO Chima set and commemorative DUPLO bricks, but a couple handfuls of candy, Annie's Bunny snacks and other snack bags, healthy granola bars, organic Honest Tea sippies, LEGO club magazines... there was so much! Of course we hit EVERY treat station. 

Our little guy's absolute favorite place to party was on top of Sealife. They had an awesome dance party going on that wasn't too crowded and there were several dancers doing routines and fun stuff with the kids. We stayed up there for an hour or so.

We had an amazing time and we'll be back next year for the party, too!


  1. that is super awesome looks like loads of fun...i love halloween the one time of the year everyone can dress up and have a great time

  2. I really want to go to Lego land :)

  3. This sounds like so much fun. I did not know Legoland did this every year. I have not seen any advertisements. Thank you so much for sharing this


Thanks for the comment!

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