Thursday, October 30, 2014

San Diego Safari Park Mommy and Me Date

This week, we had a little Mommy and Me date at the San Diego Zoo Safari park and got very close to some animals! We spent a little time observing the meerkats. We got there very early and went to the Nairobi Station to see the baby cheetahs, who were two sleeping balls of fur in a dog crate. We were able to get up close to a sugar glider, though. The zookeeper was getting him used to being handled, so we couldn't touch, but it was fun to get up close. The skink wasn't in his cage and my little guy kept looking for him.

Well it was our lucky day, because when we headed back to the front to wait for friends, we got up close to the skink as well! We found out that they thought she was a boy for 5 years until she laid eggs!

Then, with his tiger shirt on, my little guy and I headed up to the Tiger Trail to get up close to one more type of animal...

The Tiger Trail is a beautiful expansion that just opened earlier this year. It has several enclosures when you can really get close to the gorgeous tigers on exhibit there. 

They all seem to get pretty close to the guests.

We even heard one roar.

There is also a really nice new playground in the Tiger Trail area.

It was not crowded at all when we were there on Monday, so we almost had the playground all to ourselves, which is really nice when you're a little kid.

We also got to stop at the other playground after moseying around the park for a while. 

This playground was also very quiet and we had a lot of fun playing with just a few kids. I guess Monday is the day to go in the fall!

Check back in regularly if you want to keep up with our adventures in Southern California and beyond...

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