Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snowman Veggie Platter

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As you my know, one of my favorite things to make for the holidays, or any occasion for that matter, is a cute veggie tray. For Halloween, I made a ghost, and it could have passed for a snowman, soooo for our playgroup Holiday Party, I built a snowman! It is packed with healthy veggies that are sure to delight party guests and maybe even help them steer clear of the dessert table, at least for a little while...

I used a piece of wired ribbon for his scarf. If you are a knitter, why not knit one?! The ceramic Le Creuset Bell Pepper Cocette has the dip inside.

I used a lot of red veggies in the front of this platter to really get make him holiday-ish, and kinda hid all the other colors in the back, because people like to eat those, too.

I used the Le Creuset Cocettes for my dip. You can easily use a real bell pepper, but I didn't have any left that weren't chopped up, so these were perfect!

These are the trays I use and you can buy them on Amazon.

Food Shopping List:
2 bunches of Curly Kale
4 heads of cauliflower (1 chopped for dipping)
2 heads of broccoli
1 yellow bell pepper sliced into sticks
2 red bell peppers sliced into sticks
1 package grape tomatoes
1 package of Persian cucumbers sliced into sticks (you could use regular cucumbers)
5-6 carrots sliced into sticks
5-6 celery pieces sliced into sticks
1-2 types of veggie dip
1 package of Nori (seaweed for making sushi, found in the international section of the supermarket) You could also use black olives.

Non-Food Items Shopping List:
Veggie tray - I use Plastic Divided Trays
Ribbon for a scarf
Small piece of styrofoam
hot glue
round toothpicks
needle nose plier (to push in round toothpicks)
bowls or veggie dip

What you do:
  • Anchor your styrofoam in the center of your veggie tray with hot glue.
  • Use round toothpicks in the stem of the largest head of cauliflower for the bottom "snowball"
  • Use round toothpicks in the stem of the middle and top "snowballs" and stack them.
  • I used a couple sticks from a tree in the yard for the arms. 
  • The end of a carrot goes on a toothpick for a nose.
  • Cut out some Nori for the eyes and mouth and stick with a little sour cream, mayo, cream cheese... veggie dip, whatever!
  • Wired ribbon for a scarf
  • Curly Kale is fills the tray.
  • I like to place my dip bowls into the tray but you can have them off to the side if you like.
  • Sliced veggies get packed in around the snowman and dip bowls. I used long pieces of celery with the leaves still on to add interest and texture.
  • Eat and enjoy!
I use a little styrofoam piece hot glued into the center of the tray to anchor the snowman. I prefer this if I'm traveling with it, but if you are doing this for your own home, you may not need it, and you can simple sit your bottom cauliflower "snowball" in the center and it should stay in place pretty nicely.

Then, I use round toothpicks in the cauliflower stem to spike it into the styrofoam. I used a little bent needle-nosed plier to get the toothpicks into the stem since it was a little tough.

Then I the same to each cauliflower and stack them up for the snowman look!


You can see in my other recipes and cute food where there are a lot more ideas like this one!


  1. So so cute! I love creative appetizers. Visiting you from the Sits Girls! -Andrea@TablerPartyofTwo

  2. I love this and will definitely try this. How fun

  3. This is so adorable!!! I would definitely see myself doing this for the holidays(:

  4. This is great! You really have a knack for making cute food!

  5. WOW!! This no only looks very cute BUT delicious! Great way to decorate your veggies and get the kids to eat them.

  6. This is so cute that I might have to try it !!

  7. so simple and SO CUTE!!! my kids would love this

  8. This recipe looked so good, I copied it down. I am due to make this this coming weekend. I thank you for the share.

  9. Isn't he a happy little guy sitting there among all the veggies! Yes - I can picture him being a ghost - with only a few modifications. Hey - 2 possibilities. I bet people can't wait for you to arrive at a party with one of your oh-too-cute platters. Thanks for always sharing the instructions with us!

    Tavette - S. Fla.

  10. This is such a cute idea!! i'll definitely try it

  11. This is such a cute idea. I will have to try this for the holidays. My family will love it


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