Sunday, January 18, 2015

Disneyland Random January Family Day and Ticket Discounts Apply

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You may have seen my previous post where I reviewed our very first trip to the Carnation Cafe in Disneyland. I thought I'd give a little update post, too, because I always try to share our little SoCal day trips, and there are some cool things going on at Disney, right now. 

We spent the first part of our afternoon gorging ourselves on really good food and watching the parade on Main Street...

HOT Tip - a GREAT place to watch the parades:

We were lucky enough to be seated right along the fence at the Carnation Cafe which gave a pretty good view of the floats. It was harder to see the cast members and entertainment on the ground, but all of the floats are big enough to see some action over the crowd so it was quite enjoyable. I would consider this another hot tip for taking in a parade without having to sit or stand on the sidewalk, but in an actual chair - Great for preggo me and the little guy loved it!

Then after a few rides and braving the crowds at Disneyland, we headed over to check out FROZEN FUN at Disney California Adventure. Right now, they have an event going on through April 30th, 2014 where there's snow play, entertainment, and our little guy's favorite; dancing!
Here he is dancing with a couple girls he met on the dance floor at the Freeze the Night! A Family Dance Party.

... and a video so you can check out his moves!

SoCal Resident Ticket Deal:

I also want to make sure I share this great ticket deal for Southern California residents. Right now, SoCal residents in valid zip codes can buy 2-day ticket starting from just $139. There are a few different options and blackout dates apply so be sure to read the fine print. Tickets will expire May 21, 2015.

HOT Tip to save more $ on Disneyland Tickets:

My other HOT Tip for buying Disneyland tickets at a discount is to use your Target RedCard to buy Disney Gift Cards at 5% off and use those to buy tickets. It is really the only way I know to shave a little more off the price but it works!!! This is for EVERYONE, not just SoCal residents :)

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