Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to Build a LEGO DUPLO Cake Plate

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A while back, I brought you the LEGO Cake Plate. I LOVE The LEGO Cake Plate. It is perfect for a LEGO birthday party. It's cute, colorful, fun, and (somewhat) easy to make. You know what's easier to make? A DUPLO cake plate!

 A DUPLO cake plate will take a lot less time to put together. It still looks pretty cool at a LEGO party, or maybe you are having a DUPLO party for the little kids, in which case, it is perfect. You will need to have a decent collection of DUPLO bricks to put it together, but if you have several sets, you may be able to pull it off.

These instructions are done a little on the fly. I took the cake plate apart a couple times while I was working on it, so the steps are not exact, but you should be able to get the idea. The most important things to note is that you need a good center "post" which I decided to elongate by two studs after I was finished, you need a sturdy base, which I'll explain later, and make sure you are interlocking on the top part.

DUPLO is not the strongest material, but with a decent foundation and attention to interlocking and building the stand correctly, it will hold up with a cake just fine. I don't recommend a heavy ice cream cake, and a little bit of care taken during cutting will ensure there is not a cake disaster, but like I said, I think it is sturdy enough for a standard cake.

I recommend starting with your center post and using your longest bricks possible as opposed to a lot of little pieces. This will make it nice and strong. You can make it as long or short as you want it. I recommend at least 10 studs high, but I added 2 later on to make it 12 studs high because I thought it looked better for photos.

Then, to creat the top, you build off of your center piece. You can copy the counts on mine or make yours larger or smaller depending how you like. Remember, I elongated my center post so I hope I don't lose you, here. You may have to play around with yours a bit. 

Just be careful using odd numbers with DUPLO. The bricks are mostly 2x2 and 2x4, so make sure you have 4 2x3 bricks and save those because you can see there are 4 spots where they are needed. If you don't have them, your circle won't be as round but it's doable. Same goes for the 2 2x4 plates which are also used but not a requirement.

Then you want to make some nice feet to make your base stand up. 

I added a little extra "bulk" to 2 of the feet because they were flimsy. 

You could add some to the other side, too if you like to match. I didn't. I'm pregnant, tired, and I feel like making something else, now, so this is what it is. 

Fun to make, easy to build, cool to look at. Now we just need a cake!

What is the best way to get 
lots of DUPLO for CHEAP???


  1. Creative ones! I should do these with my 6-year-old. He'll be thrilled. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lol this is so creative!!! i would have never thought to so something like this(:

  3. This is so unique. My grandchildren may be able to do this. Thanks!

  4. i will copy you! thanks for sharing
    super original

  5. What a great idea for a Lego party! Thanks for sharing. :)

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  7. I love this idea. I am going to use it for my son's birthday party. He loves Legos. I am going to throw him a Lego Party. I pinned this as well. Would love for you to share it at my blog hop party TGI Saturdays ( I'm visiting from Wake Up Wednesday.

  8. This very cute. I may do this for my grandsons birthday. Thank you very much.

  9. This is so cute. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  10. this would have been a perfect idea for when my son was very young for his birthday cake! He loved Lego and Bob the builder!


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