Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pregnancy Update - Week 36 - Crunch Time

Photo Credit - my 3 year old son

I cannot believe we are almost at the finish line. My due date is one month away. I feel like I've been pregnant for a year and procrastinated the entire time on baby stuff. We are entering crunch time. I know that the baby could almost come at any time, now, but my son was a week late, so I've been counting on at the very least, a full term baby.

The eager big brother

The pinched nerve in my back has given me a hard time throughout my entire pregnancy. It basically fired up and made it impossible for me to move if I did too much bending up and down or upper body anything, making it pretty difficult to do any housework. This week, I started feeling like I was carrying a sack of concrete strapped to my belly, so I officially opted out of really cleaning this house and we have a cleaning crew coming to take over this afternoon.

Another great shot by our 3 year old

It is bad. Real bad. Dusty, cat fur, crusty counters, crumbs, stains, build-ups, sticky, icky, smudged, sludged, and it's hard to feel happy when your house looks this crappy.

I kind of like how this one highlights the belly!

Yet with the cleaning crew coming, I just had to do some picking up and really worked that nerve last night. I know, I swore I wouldn't be bending down to pick anything up anymore, especially with the help of my new ReachItGrabIt but my son, wired up on a frosted cupcake, you may have seen from yesterday's post, was "helping" and wrecked my cherished tool by whacking it on the floor with full force about 7 times before he acknowledged me yelling "stop!" I made him leave the room so I could gather my sanity.

He really is so excited to be a brother!

I was counting on that tool to get me by.

Thank goodness I have a great hubby.

We are so excited to be parents again!

Hubby has not only been getting up super early and either working from home or going into the office each day, but he comes home and does housework, handyman home improvement, works on the baby room, plays with the 3 year old, takes care of the animals, and so much more. You can see he is getting weary, too. Thank goodness he is done with business trips for a while. I asked him tonight if he almost wished he was heading out on a trip (he usually HATES traveling even though he does it a lot) and he said 'yes'. At least he is starting to see what it's like for me when he's gone...

We still have some things left to do, though! I just started packing my hospital bag. Electrical and lighting needs to be completed in the baby's room, I haven't gone through any baby clothes to make sure we have what we need, yet, I haven't checked or cleaned any of the baby gear (carseat, play yard, swing, etc.)...

My to do list is still a mile long, it's crunch time, or the time where the sh*t hits the fan. Either way, I can barely walk, and here I am, still blogging, full-time because it helps pay the bills. Plus, I can do it without moving from bed or couch as long as the remote is within reach to put on the next cartoon for my sweet little big brother-to-be. I'm really hoping the clean house will make us all feel like a million bucks tomorrow and everything else will just fall into place. Oh and that baby girl sits tight for a few more weeks so we can finish the to-do list. Hope this isn't too much to ask.

Wish us luck and check out our Countdown to Baby page for more baby stuff, info, giveaways and links!


  1. I remember when I had my first son,time flew by so fast!

  2. Good luck! It will be here before you know it! I know all about having a pinched nerve when you are pregnant, Bless your heart. Prayers!

  3. You are blessed with a good family! Take a break and rest until the baby comes.

  4. You are blessed with a good family! Take a break and rest until the baby comes.

  5. Beautiful photos. Congratulations and I hope you have a smooth and uneventful delivery.


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