Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SoCal Local Fun for Kids - Oceanside Museum FREE Family Art Day

This Sunday, once again, we enjoyed our local museum, the Oceanside Museum of Art for FREE Family Art Day. The feature this month was music and art based on the California Dreaming exhibit with Mitchell Walker playing didgeridoo and other instruments. It was so cool! Mitchell pretty much played for the entire 3 hour event. 

We are so lucky to have such a great little museum right here in lovely Oceanside, CA. We really have the best events, too!

We try to take the little guy to many of these monthly free days and he loves it. We can always find some artwork that we can stop, look at, and talk about. There was a great Barbie doll painting that the kids really seemed to get into with a lot of little underlying messages about the environment and lots of little things happening to the wildlife that the kids could point out.

The little guy especially loves the crafts. He isn't so keen on following direction and prefers to do his own thing, but that is what's great about this event, you can do what you like. 

This is supposed to be a sheep.
A creepy sheep.

As long as he had fun, right? I prefer letting the kid just enjoy himself and express his creativity rather than force him to copy the example. Plus, his dad and I had a good time chatting with his friends parents while the kids made art.

They always have a whole bunch of supplies to make certain projects or just let you be creative on your own. We crafted for at least an hour or so.

The next FREE Family Art Day will be April 18th - 19th for Oceanside Days of Art which is an outdoor art event Downtown. We will certainly be there at least one of the days because we had a great time last year!


  1. Wish I was closer, I love to take my grandkids to events like this.

  2. Wish I had more events like this in my state! They are just so much fun! I haven't been to one in a very LONG time! I have a 6 year old nephew that I would love to take to these, he'd be giggling and laughing all day wanting to try to do everything they had at the event! Thanks for sharing!




Thanks for the comment!

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