Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Fruit Platter made with LOVE

I run a local Mommy group for my Mommy friends and my son and his friends and today was our little Valentine's Playdate Party. I brought a bunch of papers, heart doilies, and stickers to make Valentines and everyone brought a dish to share. On my quest to make things a little healthier for my little sweetheart and his friends, I decided a cute and festive fruit plate was the way to go.

One thing I've learned about feeding fruit to kids in my playgroup is that they LOVE it when it is on skewers. I don't know why this is, but for some reason, kids will eat the entire skewer of fruit without hesitation. I got over my fear of giving little kids sharp objects (pointy wooden skewers) because they are such an effective health food delivery device and we have never had an incident to date.

To get this platter up and running, I had a couple different shapes of heart cookie cutters and I cut all my strawberry hearts by hand.

The "silver" platter is a plastic one from the Dollar Tree which I've used MANY times over, now.

For fruit, I used:
1 small watermelon, 
2 medium sized clamshells of strawberries, 
1 small clamshell each of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. 

It looks like a lot, but it really wasn't a ton of fruit! After I ran out of strawberries for skewers, I put all the loose berries that were left just in and around the platter which I think really made it look filled in and beautiful. I think the several large watermelon hearts really made it look customized and gorgeous.

I even got a little help in the kitchen from my little shirtless chef.

Of course he did his OWN pattern and left out the "YUCKY" blackberries!

The fruit was a big hit at the party! I was left with a couple skewers but ALL of the loose watermelon hearts were devoured on site. 

My son even ate a skewer in the car on the ride home!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. wow this palter is looking so cute and amazing. My husband would really like it as it looks really creative and superb.

  2. Such a great idea, except I cannot find good strawberries in our stores this time of year - they are all imported and have no taste. I'll wait until June!

  3. People come up with so many great ideas. Thanks for sharing. This is cute.

  4. I wish I had seen this earlier.. I would have definitely made this!!

  5. beautiful and fun for the famil. i'll save this for next year

  6. Oh that is quite the platter! So pretty and healthy and yummy! I will have to do this next year

  7. That is the cutest thing I've seen for Valentine's Day!

  8. this is a great idea! i am going to make it, even if valentines is over! i lovefruit and to get the kids to eat fruit is worth the effort. plus it is better thancandy.

  9. that looks so delicious and creative at the same time

  10. this is yummy I love to do this at anytime

  11. OMG this looks amazing!! So cute and delicious!!

  12. I really like those delicious fruits, great idea.

  13. Such a beautiful presentation! It would sure WOW guess on other occasions such a brunches and showers too.

  14. This is a neat looking presentation of a way 2 prepare yummy fruit:) ty 4 sharing:)

  15. I made these just now and it was a hit with the kids. Thanks for posting!

  16. Such an attractive tray. I will ONLY buy Strawberries from COSTCO. I've had to throw out so many containers of grocery store strawberries. COSTCO is also less expensive. In a pinch I bought raspberries at the grocery store and was amazed that I could have gotten twice as many at COSTCO for the same price as the small grocery store container. Strawberries at COSTCO are also much more tasty.

    No - I don't work for COSTCO or own stock. :) Just saying - save your money and get a better tasting strawberry by buying there.

    Your heart platter can also be used for patriotic holidays, anniversaries, lots of other holidays besides Valentines Day. Spend a tiny bit more for metal heart shaped cutters vs plastic. They cut much cleaner & can be used on more things.

    Your heart platter looks SO REFRESHING - could sure go for some right now. It's a sweltering 90 degrees in sunny S. Fla.

    Tavette - S. Fla.


Thanks for the comment!

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