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Baby Room Decorating - Under the Sea Baby Nursery

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We've been writing about baby room decorating on the blog for quite some time, now, but by far, one of our most popular themes is the ocean. I don't know if it is because you get such great shades of blue and aqua tones when you go with an under-the-sea inspired baby nursery or if there is just something so cute about fish and sea life for a baby room.

Check out the latest beautiful textiles, bedding, murals, and decor for an ocean and sea life inspired room.

My FAVORITE Baby Girl Underwater Theme Room 2015:

Carter's always makes really cute stuff for babies and their bedding sets and decorations are no exception. Their Under the Sea Collection is full of smiling sea creatures in pink, peaches, and splashes of aqua with different textures and prints to brighten up a baby nursery. Check out the enter Carter's Sea Collection on Here are a couple of my favorite items...

The seahorse lamp that goes with this set is just precious!

The mobile is just adorable, too! I really think this Carter's line is my absolute favorite, right now, and I'm so glad to see such attention to detail and so many items available to purchase to go with this set.

My FAVORITE Under the Sea Nursery Look 2015

If Carter's Sea Collection is my favorite in pinks, then Ocean Dreams Collection from might be my favorite in the blue tones. I love the coral and the little Hermit crab that are represented on these textiles. Who doesn't love a Hermit crab?!

More happy sea creatures floating around on the Ocean Dreams Collection at They have a crib set, mobile, and other decor to go along with this aqua and lime colored sea life bedding set. The contrasting textiles are a zig-zag chevron print which would look great on a rug to really make this a stylish baby nursery.

Design Inpsiration with Murals

Chevron print is also used in the bedding for this ocean life baby room decorated by Traditional Kids.

Soho Gold Fish Aquarium Bedding Set comes in BLUE or PINK - Perfect for Twins

The next two bedding sets are nearly identical with the only difference being the color palette. Soho Gold Fish Aquarium Bedding Set comes in light pink or light green as a main color. They both have all the same cute sea creatures, and both bedding sets come with 13 pieces, making this a really great value to decorate a baby room quickly and easily. The two color sets are perfect for twins, too!

Here's what's included in the 13 piece set: 
(1)Crib Quilt ,(1)Crib Bumper,(1)Fitted Sheet,(1)Crib Skirt (Dust Ruffle),(1)Diaper Stacker, (2)Window Valances ,(1)Toy Bag ,(1)Baby Pillow, (1)Baby Hat or Baby Bib
(1)Diaper Bag, (1)Changing Pad, (1)Bottle Case

The cute mobile and wall art is not included, but you can easily add any wall art or mobile that you like. There really is so much out there in the underwater theme and it all seems to be very interchangeable and easy to mix and match.

Design Inspiration - Murals Make the Look

Murals really bring the ocean theme baby room to life. You can hire a local artist to do something beautiful, or if you are artistic, try one out for yourself. There are also many wall decals out there than make it easy and inexpensive to achieve an underwater look, too. Here are some amazing murals by fabulous artists and designers:

Ocean Dreams Crib sheets by Nojo would look great in an ocean mural room

NoJo Little Bedding 2 Count Crib Sheet Set, Ocean Dreams on Amazon.

Sweet Seahorses and Cute Crabs - Under the Sea in Pinks

Seahorses are so popular, right now, maybe because they are just so darn cute! When I started writing about baby room decorating a few years ago, everything was in blue hues, but now, you can find the crib sets in such great pinks and pastels and seahorses everywhere.

They also have really cute wall art to match.

Here is another one of those great Soho Nursery sets that has a ton of decor items that come in a very reasonably priced package. This Sea Sweetie Set has 14 pieces included!

Ocean Blue Baby Room Crib Sets and Ideas

When I think of the ocean, I think of blue.  I highlighted this adorable Tiddliwinks Under the Sea crib set in a blog post a while back: Baby Room Decorator - Tiddliwinks Under the Sea

Here is another one of those crib sets that you can get 13 pieces of textiles and decor for a very reasonable price. It makes it so easy to put together an underwater theme baby room!

Here's a nice big 13 piece set that has a fish and ocean creature theme. This is perfect for someone who just wants to press "enter" and have the decorating completed for a reasonable price.

Don't forget to add some jellyfish!

Hang these over the crib to give your baby something magical to marvel at. Babies love to look up at interesting things hanging above them. These would look great under lighting or in front of a window, too!

I'm really digging this coral lamp, right now, too!

Underwater Design Inspiration with Murals, Paint, and Lighting

For a Disney theme Under the Sea baby room, this crib set has Ariel and Flounder featured with a modern black and pink floral design which I found rather interesting. 

Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Sea Treasures 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set

The ocean, beach and sea, are wonderful inspiration for a baby nursery. Octopuses, Fish, Crabs and all the adorable underwater creatures come alive in the ultimate sea life fantasy room for your baby.

There are so many different bedding and decorating ideas in the Ocean theme, so you can put together a swimmingly sweet nursery, complete with bedding, wall art and more.

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