Monday, April 20, 2015

Curly Carrots and Ribbons of Squash - SpiraLife Slicer Review

We are always looking for ways add more veggies and healthy foods into our diet. This week we go to try out the Spiralife Slicer to make our vegetables more exciting and appetizing to eat. You have to wonder, if the vegetables look more attractive, will a toddler or picky hubby eat it?

The Spiralife slicer is a very small and compact tool to get the long julienne pieces of certain vegetables which you can stir fry or eat in a fresh salad. There are no tricks or gimmicks to this tool. It is a simple tool that works by pushing a long slim vegetable into the top either by hand or using the little disk with the spikes on it, and twisting. It has two blade sizes that make a long thin julienne cut and a large flat spiral.

The Spiralife is made of plastic, with extra sharp stainless steel blades. There are no mechanical parts to worry about and it is fairly easy to clean, especially because it is dishwasher safe. It came with a little brush to help clean it out, as well.

I would recommend this tool to someone who would like to add some uniquely shaped vegetables to create attractive and appetizing dishes. It is especially good for someone who has limited space to store larger, more complicated, and expensive spiral cutters. The Spiralife is also 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Because the Spiralife works by using your own strength to turn the vegetables, we preferred using the softer squash in this tool. The carrots were more difficult to force through the slicer and didn't get a long julienne cut very often, but sometimes tighter curls. Keep in mind, whatever you want to use, there is no motor or leverage with this tool, you are simply twisting the veggies by hand.

We mixed our spiralized zucchini and our julienned carrots into a stir fry with udon noodles and mushrooms. Then, I made a beautiful, fresh salad with the rest of my spiralized raw veggies and it made a really gorgeous presentation.

This slicer is best suited to zucchini or similar small squash. It cuts the squash into perfect spirals or spaghetti, and it is super easy to do this. 

Here is a quick video I made demonstrating how it works:

I must admit, the picky boys did seem to like the veggies much better when they looked interesting. The thin cut veggies were a lot easier to eat, too!

You can buy the Spiralife Slicer on Amazon 
(the following is my affiliate link and I may be compesated if you  make a purchase)

*I received the Spiralife Spiralizer free of charge to facilitate my honest review.

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